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Some Amazing Benefits of Amla Juice

AmlaAmla or Indian Gooseberry is known for its various medicinal properties and skin benefits. Scientifically, it is known as Phyllanthus emblica.  Amla is a very rich source of vitamin C, hence it boosts your immunity, metabolism as well as prevents viral and bacterial ailments. It is a native fruit of India, which is especially available in sufficient amount during the winter season.  It has been used in different medicines in Ayurveda for hundreds of years. It is said that most of the Ayurvedic medicines contain Amla or Indian Gooseberry. It has several health benefits to our body. Regular consumption of amla can make your body healthy and disease free as well as it is very beneficial for your skin too. It makes your skin glowing and healthier. Amla works as an amazing product for removing the scars and gives you one tone healthy skin.

Amazing Health Benefits of Amla or Indian gooseberry

Burns Fat:

weight-lossAre you one of them who want to lose some weight? If yes, then you need to do is just have a glass of amla juice regularly. Amla juice has a tendency to burn the unwanted fat and reduce the cholesterol levels. It is also very beneficial for heart health.

Amla for Digestive Health

Digestion1Amla juice is one of the best natural ingredients good for your stomach. It helps in maintaining the proper pH level of the stomach and reduces acidity. This magical juice is an ultimate cure for almost all the digestion related problems including constipation. It also helps in regulating the proper bowel movements.

Blood Purifier

Amla juice acts as a blood purifier. It helps in flushing out the toxins present in the body. It purifies your blood as well as increase the hemoglobin and red blood cell count. This will protects you from several cardiovascular diseases, many other disorders.


diabetes3Have you ever tried amla as a home remedy for diabetes? Yes, amla juice with turmeric powder and a little amount of honey twice a day can work as a miracle for the diabetic patient. There is a substance, chromium, present in the amla that helps in controlling the blood sugar level. It also helps in stimulating the secretion of insulin.

Soothes Inflammation

Amla has very powerful anti-inflammatory properties that help in decreasing the inflammation as well as reduce the swelling of joints caused by arthritis. It also promotes the tissues and cell health.

Prevents Cancer

Amla juice is a very rich source of antioxidants. It contains superoxide dismutase that obstructs the formation of free radicals, that makes amla is a useful ingredient for the prevention of scariest disease cancer.

Lightens Complexion

skin_complexionIt helps in brighten your skin and give it a natural glow. You can use amla juice with honey as a homemade face pack to get a lighter skin tone and blemish free skin. Vitamin C present in the Amla keeps your skin young for a long period of time. Regular intake of Amla juice can reduce the age wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, etc.

I hope this article will be very useful for you. This is not the end of its benefits. It is one of the most amazing gifts of nature to the mankind. It boosts your immunity as well as protect you from so many viral and bacterial diseases.

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