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About Us

According to the natural and most human tendency human beings try to maintain their social authority by playing by the rules of society. Therefore most of the people try to blend in to the society according to the attire and the personality that is perceived to be the best and the latest in trend in the society. The latest trend in the US and most of the fair skin Nations is getting the perfect time and looking attractive. But there is a limit to every trend and people forget that getting an extra tan can often times lead them into getting sunburnt. There has to be a fine line between getting a perfect skin colour to tanning and having the pain of sunburn.

We are right here to help you with that comma and we are going to help you understand how much of fun do you need to get tanned or to get sunburnt. A sentence simply means that the UV rays of the sun penetrate deep into your epidermis comma engaging your melanocytes to produce excess of melanin a brown pigment known for creating the tanning effect on the screen giving you a little brownish or dark pink colour on your skin. This exotic colour is considered to be a really great way to show your personality and standard of living in the society. Sunburn on the other hand is easier to differentiate from suntan because of its serious symptoms like skin redness and blistering, swelling, headache, pain and tingling sensation in your skin, fever and chills, nausea, dizziness and dehydration.

We will help you give you customize and personalized information and suggestions for you to stay out in the sun and get the perfect fan tan and never get a sunburn. Our team of the best researchers and experts are going to help you get the best of the sun and not the other way round.